Cooper Lighting Meets Growing Residential LED Lighting Demand with ENERGY STAR®-Qualified HALO® LED Collection (Cooper Lighting)

As local and national codes and legislation continue to mandate the use of more efficient light sources, the HALO® LED Series from Cooper Lighting not only meets the demand for energy-efficient and long-lasting lighting, but also provides superior light quality and cost savings to the homeowner. The first to introduce an ENERGY STAR®-qualified LED recessed downlight, the HALO brand offers cutting-edge solutions and expanded product availability to meet today’s residential LED lighting needs.

As homeowners become more receptive to new lighting technologies, they not only want energy efficient solutions, but high quality ones as well. Cooper Lighting’s HALO LED offering meets these needs by using reliable electronic technology to achieve the savings and quality of light that the homeowner desires.

Aesthetically, recessed LED lighting is a popular choice for homes large and small, adding perceived value through visual comfort and its natural ability to open up a room, bringing a larger feel to the space. Providing excellent color rendering and a warm white color temperature, HALO LED downlights offer superior optical design for maximum light output and can be dimmed to 15% or lower, depending on the dimmer being used, lending added ambiance to an interior space.

Functionally, HALO LED lighting products reduce energy consumption and maintenance requirements when compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. Designed for new construction or retrofit applications, the HALO LED module easily installs into a dedicated HALO housing or into existing HALO, All-Pro or compatible housings.

Virtually maintenance-free, the HALO LED fixture is constructed to provide more than 50,000 hours of life, which means the fixture would continue to produce usable light for more than 20 years when used six hours per day.

Replacing just one incandescent lamp with a HALO LED recessed downlight saves hundreds of dollars
over the life of the fixture. The HALO LED H7 600 series, for example, consumes 78% less energy than a traditional 65-watt incandescent bulb, significantly lowering electric costs and changing the way consumers view lighting.

HALO offers the largest selection of LED product combinations including two aperture sizes (4" and 6"), four color temperatures (2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K), 12 different recessed housings and a choice of 27 different trims to satisfy every home lighting need.

In addition to being ENERGY STAR-qualified, the HALO LED fixtures can be used for California's Title 24-2008 and IECC-2009 High Efficacy compliance with designated LED modules and LED trims. The LED downlights go through a serialized testing and measurement process that ensures color and lumen consistency that exceed ENERGY STAR Solid State Lighting (SSL) Luminaire program standards.

Cooper Lighting continues to offer the latest HALO LED technology in a collection of high-performing energy-efficient 4˝ and 6˝ aperture recessed downlights.